Frequently asked questions

What varieties of orchids are available?

Manda Orchids specializes in growing the Cymbidium Orchid, with all its different variants being offered to our clients.

What are the sale units of the orchids?

The orchids' blooms are sold per cut stalk, with each cut stalk going for $ 4.00 (USD) or Kshs 400.00.

How much is a bloom of an orchid sold for?

One bloom goes for Kshs 400 or $ 4.00 USD

Is free shipping offered for the orchids I buy?

The prices of the orchids are inclusive of the shipping fees for regions within Africa. Deliveries to areas outside of Africa are charged an extra charge of 1 percent of the total price to cater for overseas airlifting during delivery.

In what countries are the orchids currently available for shipping?

Manda Orchids prides herself on providing shipping to anywhere the client is in the world. Standard rates and delivery times should be taken into account.

Is floral arrangement offered for the orchids as well?

All orchids shipped from Manda Orchids are packaged in a standard manner, and as such, the arrangement of the orchids is upto the client upon the orchids' arrival.

How soon can I expect the delivery?

Standard delivery times are to be taken into account for overseas orders, that are shipped in 3-5 business days upon the placement of the order. Feedback for any delays or unfulfilled orders, if they may arise, can be sought from Manda on

Can I track my orders online?

The status of the orders placed can conveniently be inquired from Manda on using the account name or name of the buyer.



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