Manda Orchids offers you more than just flowers. Orchids. Cared for and grown in deliberate ways to produce the perfect mix of delicate beauty and finesse, your floral pieces become beacons of elegance. We give you more than just events. With Manda's orchids, you make memories. Colorful moments of divine bliss; days you'll always remember as sunny, filled with joy, happiness, laughter and orchids. Lots of them. With the jewel of our collection, the Cymbidium, take the chance to adorn your life's best times with a rare, exotic and unique flower. We at Manda Orchids believe that orchids are more than just plants. We are certain that you deserve the very best, in every wedding, birthday, party and gift. Get it from us today.  


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Cascading Orange Cymbidium Orchid